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In order to increase my Unity skills I’m gonna clone the Wii Sports games over the next few weeks. I thought these were a good target as they are simple 3D games and can be made relatively quickly with scope to put into practice many of the game dev principles used in Unity. The only issue is how the Wii remote input will be emulated. There’s this plugin: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/UniWii, but I kind of want the games to be playable in a browser/mobile so I won’t worry about the input too much. First up I’m gonna tackle Basketball, here’s a breakdown for part one of making the game:


Part One:

Model player as capsule. Model basketball as sphere (durr..). Hoop as torus, backboard as quad. ground as plane. Camera sits behind player looking as hoop. Five ball at each station. Each subsequent ball rolls down slope after each shot (like in the original). Initial ball trajectory derived from swipe. Length of swipe determines power, angle from vertical determines left/right axis. Shooting angle (i.e. high/low) fixed. (this bit varies from the original due to the constraints of the input). if the ball hits a hit box above, then below the hoop, this counts as a basket. Countdown timer.

Part Two:

Human model, running/throwing, using mechanim to mask throwing animation. IK on hands to pick up ball? Or use fixed animation (as done in original). sound effects/better textures/lighting… polish etc!

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