London Game Space – Multiclash 1

2014-03-25 19.55.25
2014-03-25 19.55.37It was great to head down to London Game Space for one of their first events last night – Multiclash. An assortment of local multiplayer games, a bit like the Wild Rumpus, but on a smaller scale. Of course I had to bring along my racing game to show people and get some feedback. Although the game is primarily designed as a single player game for mobile, I thought it would be fun to hook up a couple controllers and get people playing together in a live setting. In my mind that’s the ultimate test of whether you’ve got a good game on your hands. Can people readily pick it up and have an instant connection with the game. Thanks to Unity’s great support for controllers, as well as the component-based architecture, porting the game across was relatively easy. I got some great feedback from people, despite making the mistake of giving the players unlimited bullets in the game, meaning the savvy players would just cover both lanes with a car-halting stream of bullets!


I’m looking forward to the next one, some really great games were on display. Moonzooka and Ultra Neon Tactics, are two games I could definitely go in for more of. For me I can only see London Game Space getting bigger and bigger, and reaching out to the non-core gaming audience, with nights like these being as regular as club nights are throughout the rest of the city.

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