Gameplay Video

OK. This is it. Early gameplay footage of “un-named mobile racer”. (Incidently if you can think of a good name let me know. So far I’ve thrown out “Project Xenon Racing” and “Neutrino Slipstream”)



The game is a one-touch racing game with lane-changing and weapons. Despite the high number of buttons for a mobile game, it actually plays pretty well. The game is being made in unity3d. I’ve used the “Curvy Splines” plugin to design the track, with some extensions added by me to sequentially add track segments, and to calculate the lateral and vertical curvature of the track. The car physics is all custom written too, only using the unity engine for collisions. Hopefully I’ll have some time in the next few weeks to write a couple more detailed posts about the tech behind the game, and a few ideas I have about what makes a great racing game!

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