Vector Field – Dev post 01

Previously you’d have noticed in previous gameplay footage that the game is set in space with no describable environment around the track. In order to really show off the beautiful sweeping curves of the track and not going too full blown with the environment for performance reasons it’s been decided to have at least some of the tracks set in an abandoned nuclear reactor. As you can see from this footage the tracks now have textures which are nicely highlighted by the light map baking. A lot more to come from that. Currently there are only a few area lights that don’t actually correspond to the track furniture. You’ll also notice there’s the arena which is using the same delauney triangulation techniques as the track generation. This is a super flexible method that can generate an arena whose profile is determined by an animation curve in unity. So plenty of scope for tweaking and procedural generation once more clear art direction is in place. You’ll also not help by notice or maybe be blinded by the powerlines that emanate from the edges of the reactor. Again, these are generated on the fly, you just specify the curves you need to make the track.

What’s probably not that apparent from watching this clip is the work that’s gone into carving holes in the base of the track. As we’re using delauney triangulation (via the superb C# plugin found here: adding holes into the track is trivial. However these holes at the minute are in the base of the track. Providing entry points for the power cables, which presently is by and large missed as it’s on the base of the track, so maybe these will be moved to the sides of the track. Thanks to the procedural nature of the track this should be fairly straightforward.

I’ve also moved back to the proper toon shader for the cars which I think is looking nicer, not that it’s easy to tell from the compression in this video. The collisions are also a lot less jarring.

That’s about it apart from mentioning the name of this blog post “Vector Field” is the name I’ve finally settled on for the game having gone through several working titles. Let’s hope this one sticks.

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