M0bius Racing

Yo! So lots of changes in the game since I last posted about it. Finally finished a major refactor of the code to make the transitions between track sections more stable, and to make the game in general a lot more extensible. I’ve opted for what’s best described as an MVC style framework so these parts of game logic are nicely separated which is working really well so far and makes big changes a breeze. The main difference in implementation from the last version is how the game engine handles the transitions between splines. There’s now a lot more flexibility in the types of track that can be made, allowing for all sorts of weird and wonderful spaghetti junction style sections of track. For example the track can now have one lane branch off, loop round and join the same section of track a little further down, but on the opposite side from which it left. This range of track configuration options (alongside the controls/core mechanics) will what hopefully sets this game apart from the competition. I’ve also gotten rid of the on-screen buttons and replace them with gestures. swipe left/right to change lanes. Swipe up to fire a bullet and down to lay a mine. Any time the finger is down this causes acceleration. This means that gestures can be combined. Press and hold, then swipe to change lanes invokes both acceleration and lane changing. The only slight downside is that you have to momentarily come off the accelerator to change lanes, but this is for a minimal amount of time once you get the hang of it. The other major changes are the number of racers on the track. Thanks to some cool assets from unluck software, I can have 30 of their low-poly racers on the track at once. These models are vertex colored (no textures!) so rendering them is superfast. I’ve gone for a vertex lit shader on the track to which runs great on mobile. Right now the track texture could do with a bit of work and could maybe do with a glow shader or something. But thanks to some clever UV mapping this texture is very small to begin with.

The other major change is that the racers slide to other lanes when they are skidding which really works quite well. Don’t know why I didn’t add it before. From what I’ve seen of users playing the game so far is that is can take players some time to get used to the controls, but that’s maybe to be expected. But the nice thing about the new control scheme is that you can also play the game in portrait now. Great for playing on the tube!

Right now I’ve come to a point where I’m ready to release an alpha of the game. It’s just a case of making at least 6 tracks for users to play. I’ve spent a decent chunk of time making a crazy complex spiral inside a torus(!) track. So I will churn out a couple of simpler track (made out of simple prefabs), then upload to google play! job done. And for the name? M0bius racing? I’ve no idea if thats a good name or not…

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