Vector Field – Dev post 02

Been spending a tonne of time perfecting the feel of the game and the camera, check out the video above. Really pleased with the results, feels like the main focus now is putting some kick-ass 3D assets into the game. Speaking of which here’s some amazing concept art for the game courtesy of ScribbleImp

Bloom + weapon = awesomeness!

Spent the holidays adding bloom and weapons to the game, alongside doing a large refactor. Splitting the track interaction logic from the input logic. Allowing player cars, AI cars and projectiles to be built from a combination of these components. I’m sure I’ll write all this up in a blog post… eventually 🙂

M0bius Racing

Yo! So lots of changes in the game since I last posted about it. Finally finished a major refactor of the code to make the transitions between track sections more stable, and to make the game in general a lot more extensible. I’ve opted for what’s best described as an MVC style framework so these[…] Continue Reading

Gameplay Video

OK. This is it. Early gameplay footage of “un-named mobile racer”. (Incidently if you can think of a good name let me know. So far I’ve thrown out “Project Xenon Racing” and “Neutrino Slipstream”)     The game is a one-touch racing game with lane-changing and weapons. Despite the high number of buttons for a[…] Continue Reading

New Blog!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I was posting game related stuff under “Gazanka Games”, but that name had to go for a number of reasons. So I’ve found a new home here. Over the next few weeks I’ll be collating all the games I’ve made, and maybe even squeeze in a blogpost or[…] Continue Reading

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